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A Special Moment Captured {Long Island Photographer Susan Eckert}

Toddlers are fast. And VERY energetic. This little guy was no exception.

I had quite a time keeping up with him as he raced back and forth between two sets, examining my lights, exploring my space, checking me out — and just about everything that didn’t include staying in front of my lights so that I could get shots of him in all of his cuteness.

But, what the little guy didn’t realize, is that I’m patient. VERY patient. And in the end, I got lots of adorable shots anyway! Looking at the collection mom ordered for her wall, you’d never know how much running around had taken place.

This image is one of my favorites from the session – a moment captured – holding daddy’s hand and YES!!!! Smiling at the camera! ; )

Child Photography by Susan Eckert of www.susaneckertphotography.com, serving Long Island and New York City

Toddlers are fun!

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