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Ok. So I’ve been reflecting these past couple months. Quite a bit.
And I’ve realized something.
I suck at blogging.
Bottom line.
I’m a nice person. Get along GREAT with people one on one.
But I was always shy in groups.

And frankly, the thought of putting stuff out there for the whole internet to see.
Well, it’s anxiety-provoking to say the least!

So, I find that I procrastinate.

To the point where my blog gets stale.

And that’s horrible. Because I paid like 200 bucks for the template (which I’m not really crazy about it turns out).

And I miss out on the oppty to connect with really cool people out there interested in what I’m doing.

I only know that because I have a Facebook page that people do respond to.
But the thing is, on FB I only have to post really short quips, quotes and images that might spark some interest and also (since I feed everything into Twitter) comply with their strict rules about character limits.

It’s all overwhelming.

As a small business owner you wear 1 million hats or more.

You’re the artist, retoucher, graphics design person, customer service rep, marketing, advertising, bus dev pro, PR person, accountant, billing person, and the list goes on.

So, here I am.

I will try to do better, because I LOVE what I do and I love to share that passion with others.

Just read my testimonials and you’ll see.

But, my philosophy on life is this: you have to always stretch yourself, try to grow, face your challenges head on, and then excel.

So, I aim to become a better blogger.
: )

Thanks for stopping by!
My warmest,

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