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Lesson Learned: Knowing when enough is enough

In January I launched my new boudoir website after having worked on it for months! Sometime thereafter, I launched my new blog – www.susaneckertphotographyblog.com.

I had grand hopes and dreams of blogging daily…ok, maybe not daily, but certainly weekly. That wasn’t too much to hope for, was it?

But since then I’ve posted 8 times. That’s it. I’ve even posted about struggling to blog. But nothing changed.


I was flogging a dead horse. Banging my head against the wall. Trying to make something work when it didn’t…at least not for me.

The previous blogsite design I was running was unwieldy and quirky. Too many confusing elements. Too many weird glitches I never did seem to be able to get around. But I paid a nice little price for it and so I was determined to try….

But then life got in the way. I’ve been very busy this year. Great for me but bad for the blog which remained empty, boring, inactive.

So I spent today figuring out what to do about it and by golly, I think I have it!

This new template (kinda fun, isn’t it?) is a free template (imagine that!) made by the lovely folks at wpshower.com. Since it’s free (they do offer premium templates) they don’t offer support, but they DO offer a forum where lucky users are able to help each other out as well as a vimeo page where they upload a few support videos. Sooooo I was able to figure it all out and get it up and running in no time!


And a huge THANK YOU to the folks at wpshower.com.

: )

Wish me luck!!

Stay cool in this sweltering heat my fellow New Yorkers!



P.S. The adorable little girl who’s the featured image for this post is Arianna. I wanted to take her home with me she was so cute!!! (Best part is, she wanted to go home with me too! LOL!)

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