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LIArtPhotography.com is Getting a Makeover

I’ve been so swamped with my boudoir photography that I haven’t been updating my portraiture website — www.LIArtPhotography.com.

Certainly not what I’d planned. Back in January I started design on a new portraiture website but I kept throwing out all my ideas. Creating something that felt custom-made, personal, that addressed the four niches I want to showcase, but was user-friendly and simple, yet gave a sense of who I am as a photographer, as an artist, as a person, (whew!) seemed elusive. (I know, I want it all!)

The virtual wastebasket on my laptop was filling to the brim with discarded ideas. But I’m a firm believer in letting things simmer. In letting ideas percolate. In tweaking concepts until you reach that tipping point — the point where your direction is clear and you can finally slam on the gas and move full speed ahead.

I’m so thrilled to share that I’ve finally hit it!

This weekend’s theme seems to be “fixing what’s broken.” See, yesterday I decided to spend time not only fixing my broken blog (which I did – YAY!), but also working on the www.LIArtPhotography.com site design I’d been tinkering with over the past month or two.

And I’m happy with what I have! In fact, when I looked back at my old www.LIArtPhotography.com website, I actually cringed. : P

Oh well. Bygones. I’m all about change. Always have been. Onward and upward is my motto. : )

I think the subtle image of textured handmade paper, which serves as the site’s background, is a perfect backdrop for the beautifully captured bottle of fine wine in my commercial gallery, the fine art photography prints I’m including for the first time, not to mention the beautiful baby, child, belly and couple images, as well as the beauty images that will soon be filling the portraiture and fashion galleries.

Following is a screenshot of the homepage as it now stands. Although you won’t get the complete feel of it because this is a static image and the site incorporates motion, I hope you’ll agree it’s a vast improvement over the old site. I’ll even be doing away with the LIArtPhotography name and working under Susan Eckert Photography.

Screen shot of susaneckertphotography.com - a site in progress

Screen shot of susaneckertphotography.com - a site in progress

Now I’m just faced with the daunting task of sorting through years of work to hand-pick my favorite images. Ones that will tell a compelling story about my vision as a photographer – not only where I’ve come from, but perhaps more importantly, where I’m going.

I have so much planned for the coming months and years, including a new high-end line for classic children’s portraiture (details to come soon). And I’m so very happy to have my camera with me on this amazing journey called life.

I hope you will walk along with me for a bit.

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy your upcoming week!

All the very best,





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