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Yes, I shoot boudoir…

There are people who won’t speak to me.

Not because i’ve ever done them wrong. Not because I’m not a nice person. Not because I’m unapproachable.

But because I shoot boudoir.

Because. I. Shoot. Boudoir.

It’s shocking to me really. Go into any museum and what do you see? Statues of naked people. Paintings of naked people. Sketches featuring nudity. Sculptures depicting naked parts.

So what’s the fuss?

I can speculate. But I won’t. I’m sure it’s something tied up with religion, something about having an idea about what it means to be “conservative,” to be “proper” (not that that’s an American term – it’s more British I suppose, but I like to use that word). But there has to be something more, something personal in there that has nothing at all to do with WHAT I do but with WHO they are. Something that lives in a dark place deep in their heads that attributes only negative things with sensuality.

Take for example my mother and my nanny. Both are highly religious. But one appreciates the artistry of the shots I create, the stunning prints, art books and canvases that arrive every week for happy clients. And the other does not. My mother once asked why I didn’t stick to just shooting babies (so now you know who thinks what)….

So, here’s why I shoot boudoir:

I LOVE shooting boudoir because it empowers women to feel and look absolutely beautiful.

I LOVE shooting boudoir because it’s a wonderful gift from a woman to her significant other.

I LOVE shooting boudoir because it’s artistically AND technically challenging (and I love a good challenge).

I LOVE shooting boudoir because I get to play the roles I was born for: that of coach and cheerleader.

I LOVE shooting boudoir because I love to see the faces and read the emails and messages once the amazing women I work with see their images a) while we’re shooting in their rawest form, b) once I’ve prepared drafts – and they’re still unretouched, and c) once they receive their final prints and art products.

I LOVE shooting boudoir because of these stories and sooooo many more like them:

  • What started out as just a gift for my husband, has become one of the most wonderful gifts for myself. You are amazing and I love the way you make me feel! Such a talented woman, thank you for the amazing prints and books! Xoxo
  • I wanted to tell you that my husband absolutely LOVED the book. He just kept repeating “Oh my God” the entire time he looked through it. So, thank you not only for your worka ndyour artistic talent, but for helping me to step outside of my comfort zone and accomplish something I never thought I would do. The results are amazing and empowering, and I will recommend your services to everyone I know. Keep up the amazing work and the incredibly upbeat attitude!
  • I can’t get over that these pics are of me–sexy, beautiful and flirty. These are perfect!
  • Thank YOU so much for the fabulous job this weekend. Although all of the girls were a bit nervous about the whole thing, you made everyone feel so comfortable, and more importantly, confident. It literally brought tears to my eyes to watch my girl friends strut their stuff, knowing how beautiful they felt.

And I’ve heard from the hubbies too – so I know they appreciate the gift so much and that the gift of boudoir has also rekindled fires in marriages.

So, I will proudly continue to shoot boudoir, to lift spirits, instill confidence, build esteem, and celebrate all that it is to be a woman. Because I am a woman and I know how challenging it can be sometimes to appreciate yourself as impossible concepts of female perfection parade before us, and as time has its way, as pregnancies have their way, and relationships grow long and sometimes stale.

Yes, I love what I do.

I LOVE boudoir.

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