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When a Woman Wants What a Woman Wants…

…you get FUN images. An inspiring shoot. A sassy attitude. Playful energy. And in short, much more of that IT factor – the spark photographers work so hard to capture.

This fiery-locked darling called me up, explaining that her husband had an affinity for vintage pinup  art. She thought, Why not just give him what he wants, only featuring ME as a special gift?

Done! We had a plan! To start, I suggested she look at some poses from vintage pinup illustrations and photos in preparation for our shoot. Hair and makeup is one thing, but recalling the poses and  those oh-so-feminine and graceful movements just takes it to another level.

I assured her that she would not get that deer in the headlights panic and forget it all in front of the camera, and that even if she did, guess what? I’d be there to gently guide her.

Well, she arrived, describing herself as a nerd…yeah, okay, whatever (soooo not!). But as soon as she came out of hair and makeup – BAM! The transformation was outrageous! And the attitude was definitely there to go with the whole ensemble!

I’m so glad she allowed me to share these with you because not only did she rock the shoot with her insane beauty, but she was such a blast to shoot! We had a FABULOUS  time!

Make it a great day!


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