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Commissioned Art: A Nod to Classic Art, The Feminine Mythology & Your Deepest Dreams & Fantasies

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

And it’s not because I don’t have anything to say. (Imagine that!)

No, it’s only because I’ve been super busy working on some really fun things – new offerings for clients new and existing, new personal art projects, and upcoming events that will help bring the LIBoudoirPhotography and art lover’s community closer together as we support one another in uplifting ways.

But I did want to share one of the new things I’m offering………………


………………..And that is commissioned art for your home! Not just photography, but mixed media art!

Recalling the classic beauty of old paintings (which followers already know I love and respect); integrating your deepest fantasies (in dreams, are you a regal queen? a siren of the seas? or a mythical goddess?); and, always celebrating the feminine figure, I am creating mixed media art pieces for art-loving clients.

Now how is this different? Well, for starters, 1) it’s a true collaboration – your dreams and fantasies, my artistic vision towards a theme or concept we sketch ahead of time; 2) it’s not just photography – it’s creative vision and an array of artistic mediums that will stand behind and further the art piece you commission; 3) each will be a unique, personal, one of a kind piece; and 4) because of the highly personalized and creative process from start to finish only a few commission requests can be honored each year. Please know that this will not consist of a typical shoot with lots of looks and concepts. What we shoot will only be raw material toward the purpose of creating a richer, deeper art piece you will be proud to own. I will not be selling 4×6, 5×7 or even 8×10 prints. These art pieces will only be available on canvas and at larger sizes intended to adorn the walls of your private boudoirs, your fireplace mantels, your dressing rooms, or any space you deem appropriate for your art.

Stay tuned and stay well!

Wishing you a wonderful summer 2012!

All the best,


Art Nude Photography by Susan Eckert - Classic Art & Commissioned Portraits 2012

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