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Boudoir & Bellies & Babies – Oh My!

Maternity, belly photography by Susan Eckert of www.susaneckerphotography.com

Maternity, belly photography by Susan Eckert of www.susaneckerphotography.com

Everyone who knows me knows I love shooting boudoir!

I love boudoir because no matter what age, size, or ethnicity, all women appreciate having their beauty artfully captured – done well, it has the power to build esteem, ignite/reignite the fire in relationships, become a wonderful keepsake for decades to come, and last but not least, serve as a wonderful gift for a special signifiant other (not to mention yourself). I also love shooting boudoir because I want to rebel against damaging and restricting ideas that women need to be covered up at all times in order to be proper. Exploiting women’s beauty is another matter, but when a woman owns her beauty and sensuality, it’s powerful and empowering!

Everyone who knows me knows I love shooting maternity, or as I prefer to call it, baby bellies!

I love shooting baby bellies in part because yes, again, I’m a rebel. : P So many generations and cultures preferred women hide their bellies, thinking it inappropriate that a woman show her growing midsection. Nonsense! A woman is so powerful for so many reasons – a huge aspect being the ability to carry and create life with her body. People – that’s beautiful! So, I wanna capture just how beautiful it is! There are so many ways to shoot baby bellies and I’m always open to hearing my client’s ideas, visions, and thoughts about doing so. I think in terms of “feeling” so I always ask “What’s the feeling or mood you’d like to capture with these images?” My favorite thing? To incorporate boudoir styles of shooting and set design into my baby belly sessions! Despite what some women think, yes, pregnant women can be very sexy! I’ve even shot baby bellies in a high fashion style! We kept throwing long flowing fabric into the air while a fan provided perfect lift – it was awesome – very fashion forward!

And lastly, everyone who knows me knows I love shooting babies! Particularly brand new little ones (I’m talkin’ 2 weeks and under)!

They’re so beautiful with their brand new little bodies, faces, fingers and toes that I get emotional even when they’re not mine (Did I mention I’m also a big sap?!).  In fact, a popular arrangement is a full baby belly session which includes a complementary baby’s first photo session. Sometimes I even incorporate elements from mom’s shoot into baby’s for continuity and that artistic touch.

And the best part about shooting all three of these areas is that so often one flows right into the next! New brides will often seek out boudoir for their beaus…then comes marriage (which by the way, sorry, I no longer shoot weddings – but my buddy Florio of Lighthouse Photography is a MASTER at those)…then yep, you guessed it, here comes…the baby carriage!

I put my all into everything I shoot, into every relationship I build. Samples of and links to my work across all of these niches can be found on my site: www.SusanEckertPhotography.com.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Oh, and if you’re interested in a boudoir, baby belly, or newborn shoot, do give me a holla – 631.398.4487.

All the best!


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