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SIZE Matters! {SusanEckertPhotography.com – portraiture, model portfolios, boudoir ON Long Island}

Recently, I shot a few images for a personal art project and as a kick off to a new service line of mixed media art. I’d been missing my painting roots and wanted to challenge myself to photograph something that evoked classic paintings. Judging from the feedback I’m getting so far, I’ve succeeded.

I’m now hoping within the next month or so to dress up my little office and I figured these latest works of art would make for great wall hangings. So when I sat down to resize my images I figured, what the heck, why not go big. After all, these are art pieces.

And it got me thinking. So often clients will ask for an 8×10 to frame for their walls. Or thinking they’re really going wild and crazy, request an 11×14. But that’s small stuff! To demonstrate this, I bought some oak tag, cut it to popular portrait sizes (as well as my custom favorite sizes) and brought them to a client’s home. She’d expressed interest in having my help with planning for her wall art from a recent family portrait shoot. When she mentioned the 11×14 size for her favorite family portrait I simply found the oak tag cut to this size – placed it on the location she’d been thinking she would hang it and waited for her reaction.

“Oh, that’s ridiculous – way too small!” (Yep!)

Seeing those popular (albeit tiny) sizes on the wall space she’d chosen for the print resulted in a change of heart – It seemed the 20×30 was perfect after all!

So, getting back on track, when I sat down to resize the two art pieces for my office, I played with a variety of crops and sizes – ultimately settling on a 20×40 and a custom 26×40. (The great thing about Rich is that he’ll print any dimensions – no extra charge for custom sizes!)

Well, these beauties arrived today and I’ve gotta say WOW! Not only are they printed oh-so-beautifully on canvas 1.5″ thick (THANK YOU RICH!!) but that old adage about how size matters? Well, heck yeah – it does! The impact these images have is simply amazing. If they’d been printed as 11x14s…..well, it just wouldn’t have been the same.

Have an awesome end of week/weekend everyone!


Susan can be reached at 631.398.4487 or via email to susan at liboudoirphotography dot com.

size matters in art photography - susaneckertphotography portraiture, model portfolios, and boudoir ON Long Island

Size matters in art photography!

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