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HAPPY 2013!!! [from long island boudoir photographer Susan Eckert]

I’m so excited to start a new year!

Unlike some people, I love new beginnings. Sure transitions can be SOOOOO tough sometimes! In fact, these past few months have kicked me in the backside…repeatedly…with no mercy. But I’m still alive and kicking and that’s what counts! So onward I say……

2013 has certainly started off in full gear – I’ve navigated a bumpy, lumpy road and finally moved all my photography props, boudoir furniture, and other stuff (who knew I had so much of it!!!) into a new studio space, which despite my impatient nature remains a work in progress (sigh). But it is coming along! And I’m already imagining the new concepts and shots I’ll be taking there (Sooo exciting!). But the best part is that this space will allow me to host events that will allow me to stay in touch with the many wonderful, amazing, beautiful, talented, & awesome boudoir and portrait clients I’ve met over the past few years! (YAY!)

So now with Christmas behind us, I look forward to Valentine’s day – to bringing lovers and friends closer together via the printed boudoir fine art image. Sometimes I feel like Cupid – truly! Makes me want to break out the angel wings, crossbows and arrows, LOL! But last year, I remembered so many people called me last minute for boudoir sessions – I swear right up until the weekend before Valentines day – asking if they could do a boudoir shoot for their honies in time for Valentine’s day…..Now, if you know anything about me, you know, I HATE to have to say NO, but gosh, have a heart for your local boudoir photographer! We need some time to edit, retouch, layout, print, quality check, package and mail out your beautiful images.

Anyway, so this year, I decided to see if I could preempt those calls by offering a “last minute” Valentine’s day boudoir photography event (actually I chose two separate dates – Thursday 1/31 and Saturday 2/2). This will allow anyone who’s interested, the chance to sign up for a boudoir or glamour photography session at a reduced cost, and participate in a really fun day of talented women hanging out, having fun and making some beautiful boudoir fine art photography images!

Information on this boudoir event can be found here.

"Last Minute" Valentine

"Last Minute" Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography Event

Here’s wishing you a wonderfully blessed 2013!

All my best,

Susan Eckert
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