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10 Advantages to Hiring Me as Your Boudoir Photographer

It’s no secret I absolutely love what I do. I’m extremely passionate about photography and even more passionate about cheering on my clients, pushing them past their perceived boundaries in the interest of proving to them that they can be the subjects of beautiful works of art!


In a saturated photography market it’s sometimes hard to figure out who to hire. Price is only one variable – but it’s the one most people tend to inquire about. And unlike buying a mass marketed product available just about everywhere (and where price is the only difference), boudoir photography services vary so much from one photographer to the next. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits all kind of experience, so I figured I’d point out a few variables that I believe distinguish me / my services from the next boudoir photographer.

  1. NO Outsourcing: I extend the same courtesies to my clients that I would expect from a intimate photographer I would hire. So, editing is a huge part of my creative process – I NEVER outsource editing of my boudoir photos – your images remain private, in my hands, and worked on only by me, not some group you’ve never met.
  2. Skilled Retouching: I’m a highly skilled retoucher and not only am I good at it, I love doing it. My goal is to make you look your very best without making you look like you’ve been retouched; pores and skin texture remain intact; images look polished – just as you would expect from a professional boudoir photographer. Many photographers don’t have/nor do they want to develop this skillset. And others would rather cover you up than allow you to wear skin-baring outfits that might possibly create a bit more editing work for them in photoshop. Not a problem here!long-island-boudoir-susan-eckert
  3. Artist Eye: I sketch, draw and paint figures – although you might not be looking for that as part of your boudoir art, it still matters – so much of what’s sorely lacking in many boudoir images I see pertains to the unflattering lines of an image. You’ll never see highly unflattering poses in my portfolio for this reason.long-island-boudoir-susan-eckert
  4. Variety: Many boudoir photographers shoot almost exclusively with natural light (a window and a reflector). While that’s a great look, it’s ONE look. I have developed advanced skills in studio lighting as well. What this means for you is this: lots of variety from just one shoot! During your shoot we can do both natural and studio lighting and explore a wide range of looks so that your book is varied and showcases the many sides of you.long-island-boudoir-susan-eckert
  5. Large Boudoir-ific Studio Space: I’m a Long Island boudoir photographer with a studio space actually located here on Long Island. My 2000 sq ft studio space is feminine, comfortable, and allows for limitless shoot concepts and possibilities. I collect antique furniture pieces and have a huge supply closet filled with fabrics, backdrops and props/accessories for your shoot. It’s a great place to spend a day.long-island-boudoir-susan-eckert
  6. Your Vision Matters: YOU and YOUR VISION are a big part of the process. It’s not all about me and my vision. I’m a humble photographer and invite you to partner with me in the process of bringing your fantasy shoot to life. And if you don’t have a vision – not to worry, together we’ll create one!long-island-boudoir-susan-eckert
  7. A Process Perfect for First-Timers: If you’re nervous or shy in front of the camera, don’t worry – I completely empathize! My process pretty much ensures that each of my clients will look her absolute best!long-island-boudoir-susan-eckert
  8. Flexibility: From payment plans to customized arrangements, I’m committed to working in a flexible manner that makes boudoir photography a can-do for those who really appreciate the art of it all.
  9. Range: I’ve been published for fine art nudes. I’ve been published for fashion photography. So whether you want to wear stylish wardrobes or nothing at all, I do it all. Some photographers aren’t comfortable with nudes; that’s never a problem here. When you hire me for your art nudes, you’re working with a true professional who will never make you feel uncomfortable.long-island-boudoir-susan-eckert
  10. Personality : I’ve heard some horror stories over the years. From insensitivity, to arrogance, to cold attitudes on the part of arrogant photographers. I just shake my head. This is BOUDOIR! There is no room for any of that when it comes to intimate photography! Boudoir should be fun and rewarding. I’m a kind soul, entertaining, and humble – but don’t take my word for it, I’m happy to connect you with a recent client or two who’ll share their experience with you.

And although I didn’t include it above (really it came down to “Who creates 11 point lists?!”) quality is absolutely a distinguishing factor. I work with the best cameras, lenses, and other equipment, and am constantly learning, learning, learning so that I can employ new techniques and methods for creating the best images possible….all for you!

I love hearing from you, so reach out anytime with questions or thoughts, and enjoy your weekend!

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