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I’m in LOVE with Blush!

And I don’t mean the makeup kind. You’d think, given that I spend most of my time shooting beauty, boudoir and glamour, that I would be referring to all the varied hues that highlight a woman’s cheekbones and make her beauty shine.


“Wouldn’t blush be a perfect theme for a boudoir shoot?” ponders Long Island female boudoir photographer Susan Eckert

But no. I simply am referring to the color. I’ll admit, I’ve never fallen in love with a color before. (Well, maybe I did in my anxiety-ridden adolescent years when absolutely EVERYTHING had to be purple.) But as an adult, no, I’ve never been so fixated on a single color.

Maybe it’s winter blues and blahs. But whenever I get oh so sick of the cold, dreary days here on Long Island, I turn to Pinterest and run a search on what’s peach, pink and BLUSH!


There’s just something about blush. It’s all things most woman aspire to be — soft, feminine, pretty, sophisticated, understated, elegant, mysterious, inviting, sensual and yes, sexy. Whether it’s a pair of blush shoes with an organza rose perfectly perched on the toes, or delicate blush lingerie, or a flowy sheer blush skirt, I sigh and think of all the possibilities. All the stories these individual parts could tell.


And so, I decided to put together a Pinterest board that tells a whole story about a blushing bride to be anxiously awaiting her big day.



It even incorporates the elements she plans to incorporate into her pre-wedding day boudoir session! : )


I can even see the versatility in the shoot – The good girl wearing blush/The bad girl wearing blush.


I’m even inspired to makeover one of my settees. I haven’t decided on a new look for this gorgeous piece I acquired a couple of months ago…but now I’m thinking blush brocade!



You can find the Pinterest board here. I’d love to know if you find it as inspiring as I do! Because spring, after all, certainly can’t get here soon enough!

Oh, and should you decide you’d like to try your own blush-inspired boudoir session, give me a holler!

Wishing you health and happiness and glorious visions of springtime!


Susan Eckert

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