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Shooting Boudoir in the Studio Allows for So Much More Flexibility [Susan Eckert Long Island Boudoir Photographer]

I hear so much talk these days about shooting natural light. Blah blah blah natural light. It’s everywhere.

Many if not most boudoir photographers shoot primarily natural light – which means they prefer to shoot with window light and reflectors. The result is not all are adept at the use of studio lighting. It takes time and effort to master studio lighting. You have to like the look of it and then you have to want to learn it. This is one thing that differentiates my work from many other boudoir photographers.

Don’t get me wrong, natural light is great. It has a certain glow to it and wraps the body beautifully. I particularly love it when it’s the look my client is going for and I’m happy to shoot that way.

But if you ask me, it gets boring real quick.

There’s so much more flexibility with studio lighting. Switch up the lighting and you get a completely different look and feel! I love shooting in a studio – that’s why I invested in a 2000 square foot studio space some have lovingly called “the woman cave” (because it’s like a hideaway, and although the front lounge room/makeup room is natural light, the lighting within the studio comes from soft lamp light. There are even curtains in the powder room!) Perfect for relaxing and enjoying your time away from it all.

In any case, to show you what I mean about the variety of looks you can get in one shoot, here are images from a recent boudoir session. All of these images were shot during the same shoot. It was fun to move from one boudoir set to another – switching up the poses each time as well as the outfits. And of course, switching up the lighting with each move. We had a blast! And the images are so beautiful!


Happy hump day and enjoy the rest of your week!


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