• Welcome to Long Island's leading women's portrait photography studio. Established in 2007, Susan Eckert was the first female only Long Island boudoir photography studio. But new things are about to happen! Along with a new space, Susan will be launching an exciting new line of women's portraiture. Stay tuned!

Summer is near and all things boudoir are heating up!

Along with warm weather comes wedding season, and with wedding season comes anniversaries – and guess what? Women are increasingly turning to boudoir photography for a unique take on precious gift ideas for their beaus!

And this Long Island boudoir photographer is newly equipped with her Wonder Woman superhero mug (sure to regularly be filled to the brim with lots of caffeine) and creative ideas aplenty!

You know, my greatest passion is shooting women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. And I get that boudoir requires trust. So I was so happy to meet with a prospective client in my Long Island boudoir studio today – someone in that range – for a chat regarding what boudoir is all about. We got along great right off the bat and she signed up for a session on the spot. She thanked me again and again for spending the time to meet with her and answer all her questions, sharing stories and experiences that made her comfortable with me the person as well as me the boudoir photographer, the fine art nude photographer, the intimate photography photographer.

Her gratitude made me reflect on an experience I had a year or so ago. Hubby was asking me (bugging me?) to do a shoot for him. So I myself signed up with a boudoir photographer in another state. BUT she’d never get on the phone with me and instead opted repeatedly to have her assistant speak to me instead, even when I explained that I was a colleague and specifically requested a conversation with her. Needless to say, I ended up canceling the shoot. If she was this inattentive and uncaring already what would my experience with her be after the shoot? I didn’t want to find out. But it reinforced a valuable concept that’s oh-so important at my studio – everything I do – it’s about my clients first and foremost – about their experience, their happiness, their aesthetic, their comfort level, their joys, worries, celebrations, insecurities, concerns, and fears. All of it gets wrapped up in a tangled beautiful mess that is the experience of a WOMAN.

Since 2008 I’ve dedicated my life to these women – their vulnerable explorations of boudoir and their validating outcomes. I know 2013 will bring more of the same, even as I branch out in my exploration of new areas for my own creative expression.

And so, I look forward to everything the summer season will bring! There’s A/C in the studio, so let’s move forward in our celebration of everything that’s hot! (And I’m guessing that includes you!)

Come by the boudoir studio for a visit if you’d like to chat.

Have a happy Summer!

Susan Eckert
The Original Long Island Fine Art Boudoir Photographer
2000 sq ft studio located in Bohemia; Also offering location shoots throughout the NYC area


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