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Why quickies aren’t my thing…

So at least once a week I get an inquiry from someone looking for a shoot….so they can have that ONE pic.

I get it. Sometimes, you really do only want that ONE beautiful image that’s going to bring to life a vision you have in your head.

But quickies aren’t really my thing.

And here’s why:

*They usually leave clients wanting for more (this I’ve seen firsthand and have learned through experience, and I’ve been at this a long time). All the anticipation leading up to the actual event doesn’t end up matching the quickie experience.

*When people feel unsatisfied, then, well, they’re just not happy or fulfilled.

*Time really does fly, so even if we shoot an hour, that hour goes by in a blink of a well-dressed eye – seriously – it’s why my clients treat a session with me as a day at the spa – on average we spend 4-5 hours. Aren’t you worth it? I think so!

*If you think about it, makeup and hair alone can take an hour and a half to do….sooooooo…you really want to shoot for half an hour and be done just for that one pic?

*Getting that one pic involves so much more than you really would imagine….how many texts, emails, phone calls prior to the shoot do you think there are? How much prep time when it comes to finding the right outfit, setting up the set we’ll be shooting on, shooting enough images to choose that one magical one? The answer to both of these questions is more than you would think, and that’s especially the case if you’ve never done a professional shoot before.

*Speaking of which, if you’ve never posed before, it’s gonna take a bit to get you comfortable and ready to emote powerfully for that beautiful and magical image, so, shooting for 15 minutes is just not in the cards.


art takes time


So, in the end, quickies just aren’t my thing. I’d much rather spend time planning, pie-in-the-sky-dreaming and visualizing, setting up multiple fun sets on which to shoot, exploring a range of poses and lighting possibilities within each set, and taking our time having fun!

Because boudoir is fun.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!!

Stay cool!

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