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How I recharge….

People who see how hard and how much I work often ask me what I do for fun…

And sheepishly I admit…

I take pictures.

“For fun?!” they ask, seemingly unbelieving.

And I have to confess that yes, even for fun, it’s what I love to do.

When I first started out in photography as a career the old timers warned me, “Be careful! Sometimes when your work revolves around doing what you love, you grow tired of it, and it becomes another chore, just a job, and you lose sight of your love for the thing.”

It was great advice. A thoughtful warning. And sometimes in the heat of a crazy season, or in the middle of a working with a tough client, I’ll remember those words and wonder if maybe they were right.

But then, I pause. I do love photography so very much. And even more, I love helping women to see themselves from a fresh perspective, building their esteem, and forming new relationships with those who appreciate the core of what I offer them. Sure, it gets hard sometimes. And the pressure to create art but quickly is overwhelming. And the work is tiring at times. And all the details can make me insane. And labs can drop the ball and cause me stress – lots of stress.

BUT….in the end I really do love photography.

So I take time to recharge. To refocus. To remember….who I am and why I do what I do.

And how I do that is by shooting something personal to me. Something IIIIIIIII want to shoot. And the act of collaborating with other professionals who complement my vision with their amazing talents, who interpret what I see only in my head in their beautiful work, who help me crystallize a concept and turn it into reality – well, that recharges my batteries like nothing else! My energy comes back. My love for photography is renewed. My spirit is uplifted.

And I move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, a stronger sense of self, a more confident and clear unique vision that’s an extension of who I am and how I see.

Following are images from a very recent shoot I did for ME – the purpose was to reconnect with my own vision as an artist, a creator of images. I am so very thankful to my beautiful muse who trusted in my vision, to my talented makeup artist Juliana of Metamorphosis and her assistant Saldana, and to Jessica Banda – a most talented fashion designer and stylist who faced my piles of clothing, shoes, fabrics and tons of tulle and said, “Yep, we can work with this!” And then knocked it out of the ballpark! LOVE you guys and I am never so bold as to think that I could create any of this without your infinite talent and expertise!

Tip: Use your arrow keys to navigate through the gallery.

Here’s to taking time to recharge when you feel like you’ve reached the end of the road, the end of your rope, or are just plain worn out! Thank you for stopping by.

All my best,

Long Island’s Original Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

Commercial and Portrait Photography

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