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Thoughts on Just Going for It!!

For much of my life I was the introvert, the quiet girl in the corner whose shyness kept her from putting herself out there and going for it — whatever that “it” happened to be at the time. I’d back out of competitions, sure others were better. I turned down a chance at a record deal because gosh, California (where they wanted me to move) was completely on the other side of the country and I’d never make it there anyway. And I’d listen to the voices both from outside and within that said I was too short, too ethnic, too articulate, too cerebral, too quiet, too shy….to succeed at whatever “it” was that I so desperately longed to pursue.

And then photography opened up a world that enabled me to be who I was. And I launched myself into it without looking back, ignoring the voices of others’ who would have otherwise held me back. Turning my back on the Columbia University master’s degree I’d worked so hard to earn. And squashing the internal voices so used to living from a place of fear and insecurity.

Though it can be difficult in today’s supersaturated photography market, I stay focused on refining my voice as a photographer – because it’s one that can be imitated but that will never be replicated because it’s uniquely mine. I am determined to forge a path for myself into the future with my passion for photography.

So I love when I come across someone else who’s following her dream, her vision, and in short, just going for it.

Kristen was one such person. She wanted to become a fitness model, she said. And she needed the images to show her potential and to get her there. She was determined to succeed, I could tell. And with her height, great looks, super amazingly fit physique and killer smile, I knew. She was going to make it!

Fitness Model Photography by Susan EckertFitness Model Photography by Susan EckertFitness Model Photography by Susan EckertFitness Model Photography by Susan EckertFitness Model Photography by Susan EckertFitness Model Photography by Susan Eckert

Well, it’s been a couple months since our shoot and I’m only just now sitting down and getting to share images from this session, but lo and behold….Kristen did it! She’s an agency represented fitness model. I can’t wait to open up a magazine and see her in all her fierceness (is that even a word?)!

I wish her the best! And am so happy that the images we shot together gave her another piece to help her move forward in her journey.

May you release yourself from fear and self-doubt and just go for it too!

All my best,

Susan Eckert
Inspiring women to own their beauty – inside and out

Long Island’s Original Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

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Susan operates out of a 2000 sq ft studio in Bohemia which is conveniently located near the LIE and Sunrise Hwys and five minutes from the LIRR.

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