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Why I Shoot Nudes [Long Island Boudoir Photographer Susan Eckert Reflects on her Work]

I’ve never been much of a conformist. I guess my weirdly diverse heritage made nonconformity somewhat inevitable in other regards as well. 😛

And so, I find it amusing. When I show others my work, what I do. That their eyebrows may sometimes stretch up to their hairlines. Or their eyes squint as if in disbelief. “Why do you shoot nudes?!” I know they want to ask. But they seldom do. And little do they realize that their reactions speak more about themselves (their perceived limitations, the boxes they live in) than they do about my work.

Even my own mother battles with it. Should she talk about what her daughter shoots? Or just simply issue a blanket statement, something to the effect of “She’s a photographer. An artist.” And leave it at that. I’m sure she opts for the latter on most occasions.

And as I move forward in my creative work and explore new avenues for it, I thought it would be a good exercise to examine why indeed I shoot what I shoot. What do I want to say through my work? What messages do I hope to share?

So I did exactly that? I looked within and found some answers.

And here’s what I discovered.

Long Island Boudoir Photography by Susan Eckert

Long Island Boudoir Photography by Susan Eckert

There’s something pure. Honest. Vulnerable. And inspiring in the nude as a form of expression.

In the nude, there are no clothing to indicate who we are or who we want to be. No accessories to weigh down and drown out our unique voice. Nothing to distract from our god Given beauty.

In the nude, there is courage. Boldness. Creativity. And strength.

In the nude, there is beauty and art.

Everything is simplified. Down to the essence. To the basics. To the core. To the essentials.

And such power lies within that space.

It’s empowering, inspiring, and freeing to the women who see themselves as they truly are. Who allow their beauty to be captured, whether bathed in sculpting studio light or the caressing rays of natural sunlight.

When we shed society’s creations, we shed our self-doubt, fears, expectations, assumptions, and presumptions. And allow ourselves to speak from a place deep within us, in a clear and authentic voice.

And therein lies such amazing beauty.

May you continue to evolve and grow always,

Susan Eckert
Inspiring women to own their beauty – inside and out

Long Island’s Original Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

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Susan operates out of a 2000 sq ft studio in Bohemia which is conveniently located near the LIE and Sunrise Hwys and five minutes from the LIRR

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