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Spotlight on a Very Special Boudoir Client…Ms. N…

Ms. N called to directly request an in-person meeting. I don’t care that I have to drive all the way from Queens out to you on Long Island, she said. And so we set a date. Well in advance of her wedding. I liked her already! The day of our meeting quickly arrived and as I approached the door to welcome Ms. N, I was struck by her natural beauty. Stunning, bright, playful eyes. A personality that beamed so radiant. And awesome hair — which would soon become THE topic of discussion for us naturally-curly-headed-beyond-frustrated-with-our-frizz-prone-hair Latinas. We immediately hit it off. Curled up on the antique settees in my ivory colored welcoming/makeup room, we got to know one another a bit first. Only then did we get down to business. I shared a bit about my work, the studio, gave her a tour, showed her some albums, and inquired about her vision. What aspects of her personality did she want to express? How did she want the images to feel? It was a leisurely discussion, and for my part, I began to feel like I was catching up with an old friend. Then she smiled. I’m a picky person, she said. But when I like someone, I like them, and I like you. Gosh, I loved her spunk! So we set a date. Our shoot was fun. Hard work — it always is, but it was a true partnership in that we worked together trying out various poses to highlight her hourglass shape, capture those amazing eyes of hers, and make sure her hair was cooperating at all times.

And when we reviewed the images together I was so delighted to hear her excitement and happiness! I was also tickled pink  when a few days later I got a surprise in the mail – a box full of varied Godiva chocolate goodies AND balloons! From Ms. N. I was so moved I wrote a blog about it. Ms. N is now married to an equally wonderful man. She shared her wedding pics with me. I was particularly thrilled to see a sequence of images where her new hubby was presented with her boudoir album – ha ha! Love how the photographers (Di Zhang & Miana Jun, of Dreamlife Photos & Video) captured the moment — his changing face and the varied nuances of his expressions, which pinpoint the very moment he realizes what he holds in his hands! I am grateful for clients like Ms. N – an absolute joy to work with start to finish…although it’s such a sad moment when our work is done. I am grateful for the kind words she posted about her experience working with me on TheKnot.com. I am grateful that she has allowed me to share the images from her session. But most of all, I am grateful for having had the good fortune to cross paths with this beautiful soul. Wishing Ms. N and her new hubby a wonderful first Christmas together as husband and wife! May our paths cross again in the very near future. XX, Susan Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a wonderful 2014!


 ~ Illuminating the Power of the Feminine ~

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