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After Many, Many, Many Requests…I am Happy to Introduce Monthly Mini Shoot Days!

Not a week goes by that I don’t get an inquiry where someone says:

“There’s this ONE picture he wants”


“I just want a couple pictures”


“I’m not sure if I want to really dive in just yet”


“I’ve been following you for 1/2/3 years…and I’d love to try boudoir…but…”

Sooooooo, I’ve chatted with my makeup artist and we decided this: each month we’re going to pick one Thursday and offer mini-shoots to a few women who book ahead for that day.


Easy peasy. If you’ve been wanting to try boudoir, here’s your chance to do so in a cost-effective way.

Now, keep in mind, this is a MINI version of my fuller shoots. And there are differences. BIG differences.

For one, for the the full shoots we create an inspiration board and I create sets in response to YOUR style and aesthetic. For the mini-shoots, I will choose four sets for the day and you will pick two out of the four for your 40 minute shoot.

For my full shots – I only book that one shoot for the day, and after makeup and hair (which can take an hour and a half) we shoot another 2-3 hours, sometimes more to make sure we get everything we want in and to accommodate for the pace each client needs to work at. Then we wind down with some fresh fruit and beverages and a leisurely exploration of albums and photo books. So, as opposed to a full day experience, the mini shoots will be over in one and a half hours.

Also, since mini-shoots are all booked on the same day, there is limited flexibility. We request that each client show up within a 15 minute window. Late arrivals will only shorten the amount of time we have to get through makeup and the shoot, so that I can accommodate the next client’s start time. So, the pacing is different here.

BUT, it’s still a great way for those who have been on the fence for a while, or those who have a limited budget, to dip their toe in and experience the fun that is boudoir photography at the LIBoudoirPhotography studio and working with me, Susan Eckert!

: )

There are limited spaces each day, so if you’re interested in the mini shoot, please book your spot early!

NOTE: a nonrefundable retainer of 200 holds your spot, and we apologize but we cannot accommodate cancellations or reschedulings as we would be losing out on the opportunity to have filled your spot with another interested client.

Happy Wednesday!

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