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Are you spokesmodel material?

A talented boudoir photography colleague Stacie Frazier who operates a studio out of Vegas wrote an article addressing one of the main challenges faced by boudoir photographers: how to show your work when many of your clients may want/need to keep their images private.

Hmmmm….that is the question!

So often I’ve shot beautiful, beautiful images, only to have the client ask “Um, yeah, these are staying private, right?” Agh! Of course I understand and fully comply with their wishes, but then, how do I share recent work with prospective clients? And in this day and age when social media is soooooo important for small businesses operating in a competitive environment, how do I feed the social machine when many of the images I’m working so hard on can’t be shared, particularly online?

Stacie had a wonderful idea: launch a spokesmodel program! Well, I wrote her and said, “Don’t I feel dumb!” It was my big “Duh!” moment of the month (and yes, I’m pretty sure I have one almost every month over the course of a calendar year). See, I’d been inviting folks in from time to time to model for me so that I might try out a new concept here or there, but the focus was always to see if an idea I had would actually work. And that was it.

Yet here was an expansion on that concept. Bring on a spokesmodel or two–these would be true spokesmodels in the sense of the word. I would shoot them a few times a year–stretching my creative wings each time–and compile the best images into a beautiful album I would give each of them at the end of the year, all at no charge (a several thousand dollar value!). In turn, they would get to show beautiful images to the world via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, etc etc, and chat about their experiences from their boudoir shoots at LIBoudoirPhotography.

Love the idea! So much so, that I am hereby officially launching my Spokesmodel search!


I will be seeking two women (one 40+ and one 25+). I’m not looking for professional models, just everyday women, and you meet the criteria if you:

*are not shy about having your boudoir images shared for marketing purposes (this may include lingerie, implied nudes or artistic nudes).

*are active on social media and are comfortable networking via applications like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. and/or operate your own blog.

*have reviewed my website and work and appreciate my style and brand of photography as well as my philosophy and approach to shooting boudoir.

*are fun, creative and interested in collaborating with my creative all-woman team.

*are located on Long Island or able to travel from New York City/Brooklyn/Queens within a week’s notice.

*are able to commit to the role for a period of one year.


How to apply for the LIBoudoirPhotography Spokesmodel program:

*Submit a description of yourself – who you are, what you do, and why you’d be interested in being our Spokesmodel – via this blog or the contact page on the LIBoudoirPhotography.com website. Be as creative as you wish. If you prefer, you can submit a video link as well.

Test shoots will be conducted with three finalists.

Entry deadline: All applications must be submitted by May 15, 2014!

Please note: text messages and PMs will not be considered. Please submit only via the blog or website contact forms.


Not interested but know someone who might be perfect? Please share this link with her!


I’m excited to hear from you!

Hugs and smiles,


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