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How to Be Beautiful Every Day…Musings from a Long Island Boudoir Photographer

Beauty is such an interesting concept.

Who is beautiful?

What is beauty?

And who decides the answers to those questions.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I believe that’s true. But I find beauty in everyone I meet. Maybe it’s a gift, a talent as I’ve sen told. But I especially love when I’m able to translate what I see into an image I can then share. There is such power in showing someone how you see them, how beautiful they are in your eyes. Power in each woman seeing her unique beauty, sometimes for the first time as clearly. It can move some women to happy tears. And smiles. I live for those moments.

But I’ve learned something else. It isn’t always the textbook-beautiful people who are the most confident or the most content with their looks. In some ways, it seems to be quite the opposite. Some of the most textbook-beautiful women I’ve met have also been the most hard on themselves, the most nitpicky about their bodies, and the least confident in front of the camera. I’m not sure why that is. But it’s taught me something important: beauty lives in the head.

If you BELIEVE you are beautiful, FEEL beautiful, you will BE beautiful.

Think about some of the unlikely women who’ve become successful, recognized models.

Lara Stone with her wide gapped teeth. Tyra Banks with her rather large forehead. Stacy McKenzie with her large eyes and mouth. And Lily Cole with her unearthly looks and wide-set eyes.

Each of these women have something about them that’s traditionally classified as “not beautiful.” And yet, they made this their defining feature(s). The key aspects of their beauty.

Every woman should celebrate her beauty, femininity, whatever it is that makes her uniquely her.

So how do you make sure you look beautiful every single day?

First, rediscover and believe in your beauty.

Then, allow yourself to feel beautiful.

And you will inevitably…

BE beautiful!

Have a great summer!


Susan Eckert

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