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In Her Words…[Feedback from a Dear Long Island Boudoir Photography Client]

Having to “sell” yourself is awkward. At least for me.

I was never one of those people comfortable saying “Oh yeah, I’m the best boudoir photographer, blah blah, blah.” You see, I’m humble. And humility never made anyone famous or a millionaire. (At least not that I’m aware of.) 😛

So, although I’ve wanted to do this for some time, I’ve finally stolen a few moments and designed a feedback form I can share with the beautiful and amazing women who hire me to capture their gorgeousness. Don’t get me wrong – feedback was forthcoming all along. But as some people are more expressive than others, it didn’t always come in an organized or informative fashion. No, usually it’s more like snippets throughout the process. Like “OMG!!!!!! I got the book today!” or “That was soooooooo FUNNNNN!” or “HE LOVED IT!! He can’t stop looking at it.”

That’s all great to hear, of course! But, it isn’t always helpful in figuring out what specifically is working well, and then maybe what specifically I might tweak to be more helpful.

So, I sent a couple of these new forms out and am so happy I’ve just gotten my first one back! It’s hand written and she snapped a pic of it with her phone to get it back to me – but you know what? It’s priceless! And I love that she wrote her comments by hand instead of typing them in because that would have felt so….well, impersonal. And anyone who’s gone through the experience with me already knows, I’m so very much about making it all personal.

So I share her feedback with you here:

Handwritten Feedback from a LIBoudoirPhotography client

Handwritten Feedback from a LIBoudoirPhotography client

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the sun!

Warm regards,

Susan Eckert

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