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Little Things Sometimes Make a Big Difference…10 things to remember when prepping for your boudoir photography shoot

Beauty Photography by Long Island Photographer Susan Eckert

Beauty Photography by Long Island Photographer Susan Eckert

I try never to assume that women will know every small detail they need to attend to before their boudoir shoots.

Fact is, so many of us turn into a tangled, excited ball of energy leading up to our shoot that it’s easy to forget the little things.

So, following are 10 things to remember–head to toe–in prepping for your glamour, beauty or boudoir photo shoot:

1. Maintain Your Hair
Your hair is such a defining feature that I cringe whenever someone decides to make a radical change right before a shoot. Be sure to live with any new color at least a week or so prior to ensure that you love it and to give it time to settle.

Better yet, refrain from any major changes at all right before a shoot…just in case.

That said, roots should be recently touched up as needed. It would be terrible to put so much effort into wardrobe, posing, shooting, etc. only to regret leaving your roots untouched.

2. Be Gentle with Your Skin
I once had a model show up to a fashion shoot 24 hours after a chemical facial peel! (Really?!) Needless to say, she was a quite flaky and I don’t mean personality-wise! Oh the editing nightmare that became.

Another time a boudoir client showed up after having had a seaweed body wrap–turned out she was allergic to something in the wrap and had large hive-like angry red areas over parts of her body. So ladies, a general rule of thumb is this: please avoid any skin treatments that have the remotest chance of producing a reaction. Especially never before attempted ones.

And should, heaven forbid, something unexpected occur, please communicate with your photographer right away so that together you can plan accordingly.

Never take for granted that oopsies can be Photoshopped. Sometimes, they simply cannot be corrected in a convincing way, and it ends up only limiting the poses you can do, outfits you can wear, and/or images you can select.

All that said, be sure to drink lots and lots of water in the days and weeks prior to your shoot–it will flush your system, and give your skin a healthy, beautiful glow. Water is also great at reducing bloating.

3. Avoid Serious Tan Lines
Summertime is tough in this regard. If you know you have a shoot coming up, please do your best to avoid harsh tan lines. Any unnecessary fiddling in photoshop as it pertains to the skin only reduces the natural texture to the skin and therefore, the quality of your images. It is not really feasible to totally eliminate tan lines, so bottom line, avoid them in the first place to the extent that you can.

4. Health Regimen
No need to join a gym, but you’d be surprised how much a little bit of movement can do to add a little tone to your body.  In the weeks leading up to your shoot, try to up your level of movement if you don’t already have a steady exercise routine. Walking is great exercise in this time of year is provides lots of opportunities!

5. Watch What You Eat
In the days leading up to your shoot, please avoid eating anything new to your system – so as to avoid any unexpected reactions that might show up in the form of breakouts, rashes or bloating. You might also choose to be conscious of your eating and drinking habits – remember water is a great way to reduce bloating.

6. Outfits
Be sure to plan and try on your outfits in advance. If you feel great in them, you’ll look great in them! I’m always a little saddened when someone shows up to a shoot with an outfit they haven’t tried on — only to find it doesn’t fit as they’d expected. Now, there are always workarounds, but it’s usually a disappointment to my client, and it can in certain circumstances be a mood changer. So, head that possibility off in the first place by making sure you like the way your outfits accentuate your figure. And remember, it’s always wise to have one more than you think you need – just in case you change your mind on the day of your shoot.

7. Don’t Forget About Accessories
When planning your outfits, don’t forget about accessories. Less is more tends to be my general approach, since I never want props or things to outshine the woman I’m shooting. But a single statement piece–be it shoes, necklace, bracelet, or ring–can add that “wow factor” to your look and serve as another opportunity for light to shine/reflect and highlight an area we wish to draw attention to.

8. Get Your Mani/Pedi

Just like professionally applied makeup, this is a must. Even if you don’t generally like loud or bright colors, a nice nude color, soft pink, beige, or french manicure can draw attention to an engagement ring, a beautiful bracelet, or YOU rather than your nails.

In any case, I generally advise clients consider the look/feel of their shoot. Are you going for a vixen, dark, moody, or sultry look? If so, then perhaps you can go for that vampire red color or that gothic blood-red-almost-black hue. Just be sure that your choice will not conflict with other sets we may be shooting.

In addition, pedicures are great for smoothing rough soles and taking care of any callouses or extra skin that might show up in the images.

9. Plan Your Logistics
As you plan your shoot day, please be sure to leave enough time to get to the studio. Also make whatever arrangements you need to enable you to enjoy the shoot experience and not feel rushed. Clients can be at my studio 4 or even 5 hours. That said, you might want to make dinner plans with your significant other – since you’ll surely leave looking fabulous with hair and makeup ready for a fun night out. That makeup counter you visited? (wink, wink) Well they’re open just about anytime a mall is…

10. Get Lots of Rest
Lastly, the day or two leading up to your shoot, please be sure to get lots of rest so that you can avoid puffy or dark circles (my licensed makeup artists will help you out in any case, so don’t worry so much about that). BUT be sure that you’ll be ready and able to pour all of your energy into giving the camera your very best! We shoot 2-3 hours on average. I provide the cold water bottles. But it’s up to you to provide the energy!

Hope this info is helpful to you in prepping for your shoot!

Have a very fun summer!



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