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Long Island Boudoir Photography by Susan Eckert: A Client Highlight

One of the reasons why I work so hard to maintain a studio is so that I can have enough flexibility to tell my client’s story…as she sees it.

Sorry, but you just can’t do that in an impersonal hotel room.

Running a studio takes a lot of hard work, is super expensive, and as such, requires that I stick to my guns as a professional photographer. It’s tough to do when everyone else out there–pro or amateur–seems to be selling not just the proverbial milk, but the cow, their best practices in milking, not to mention the entire farm, and yet earning next to nothing in exchange.

I’m in this for the long haul.

The quality of what I offer–from the experience my clients enjoy to the products I and my labs work hard to create–is my primary focus. I pour lots of time, effort, heart, and soul in equal measure into everything I do. And because I am unwilling to compromise this quality to meet unrealistic deadlines or budgets, I continue to survive in this crazy market.

See, I love and respect the artistry of what I do. And above all, I value the life-changing experience these shoots can be for so many women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. I’m not willing to compromise the power of that for a cheap price tag or a speedy turnaround when some of the handcrafted albums I offer (artistic creations in their own right) alone take 4 weeks or more for the labs to make.

Bottom line: art takes time.

My work is so much more meaningful than the simple making of pretty pictures. I invite my clients to go on a journey. At times, this journey can be nerve-wracking, emotional, and challenging. But it is always rewarding, eye-opening, inspiring and confidence-building in the end.

Client Spotlight: Bringing Her Vision to Life

When this beautiful client came to me with the goal of creating something wonderful for her fiancé, she had a clear vision for the qualities she wanted to capture: she wanted to tell a story of who she is–playful, mature, beautiful. And she knew exactly how she wanted to do that.

One of her concepts immediately piqued my interest. The younger among us may not know who she is, but Carly Simon–or rather one of her album covers–was the inspiration. My client wanted to capture the playful, free spirit, the candid moment, the reckless abandon depicted by this amazing artist’s Playing Possum album cover shot by the legendary photographer Norman Seeff.

Carly Simon Playing Possum Album Cover as Boudoir Inspiration

Carly Simon Playing Possum Album Cover as Boudoir Inspiration

I loved the cover and accepted the challenge! Little did I know the story behind the cover at the time (read it here if you’re interested). But released in 1975 this cover caused quite a stir–it was deemed too sexy for public viewing. Wow how times change! In any case, we had a blast creating our version of this–I told her to just be herself. That’s what made the Carly Simon cover so awesome–it’s such a real moment. A candid capture.

Though my client felt silly at first, that quickly faded away and we had so many laughs! So much so, that she chose to include a series of 9 images from this segment in her album!


Carly Simon Playing Possum Album Cover as Boudoir Inspiration

How the Carly Simon Playing Possum Inspiration Turned into Long Island Boudoir Photography Studio Magic!

I was tickled pink to also find a contact sheet from some of the images from this shoot:

Carly Simon Playing Possum Album Cover as Boudoir Inspiration

Carly Simon Playing Possum Album Cover as Boudoir Inspiration


If there’s a way to make my client’s dreams, wishes and visions come to life, I’m going to do whatever I can to make it happen! We’re both thrilled with how this shoot turned out! And so, just as important, is Mr. Client!

Happy Summertime!

Susan Eckert

Long Island Boudoir Photographer; Long island’s Leading Budoir Photography Studio: Long Island Boudoir Photography

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