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Long Island Boudoir Photography Takes Boudoir to the Beach Again in 2015

Long Island Boudoir Photography Takes Boudoir to the Beach

Long Island Boudoir Photography Takes Boudoir to the Beach

Happy June!!!!

It’s summer! Well, somebody needs to let mother nature know it seems, but since I’m not hurrying to get to sweltering heat I won’t complain 😛

Anyway, I was totally not planning to do a summer beach shoot this year…but…

Three (3) people inquired about it over the course of the very same week and I figured, well, why not.

Funny thing is, I’d just downloaded a few inspiration pics from Pinterest featuring beach shots at their most sizzling, and inspired by one of this image, (while you’re there be sure to follow the Long Island Boudoir Photography Page on Pinterest) I’d purchased a crocheted hot little number which I figured I could get a model to wear if I was lucky enough to find free time to do a beach shoot for fun.

Inspired by these fabulous ladies wanting to do a hot beach shoot, I spoke with my makeup guru Kelly Stanger of GlammeupNy.com and we came up with two dates for a beach shoot. The plan is to run these sort of mini shoot style–keeping the shoot short and sweet thinking most people will only want a handful of prints or image files from it…but this time I decided I’d let people know that if you do want to book two slots and enjoy an extended shoot, you can do so!

The retainer for one slot on a Long Island Boudoir Photogrpahy mini shoot day is 250, but if you reserve two slots, we’ll reduce the retainer from 500 to 400 and you’ll enjoy a full hour and a half of beach shoot time.

Sound exciting? You bet it’s gonna be!

Dates: August 13 and August 20 – Ideally we fill August 13 first and use August 20 as a rain date.

I hope you decide to join us!

Happy Summer!



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