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Thoughts Really Do Have Substance and Energy {Musings from Long Island Boudoir Photographer Susan Eckert}

A couple of weeks ago, the name of an old boss I’d had in the late 90s kept popping into my head. Even when I wasn’t consciously thinking of him, he was there in the back of my head. I knew this because I kept calling another friend by the name of this old boss. I felt bad! I’d apologize to him, but no sooner did the words “So sorry” come out of my mouth, I’d do it again! It was frustrating really. I mean what the heck? Why was I thinking of this old boss now??

I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in over a decade and in fact, I realized that almost two decades have passed! So, what in the world was going on?

I wanted to resolve this and did a quick search on Facebook to see if I could find him. Turned out, his name is really popular. I found teenagers, 20-somethings, and 40-somethings all with the same name. But none were him, my old boss, my buddy from back in the day.

Still, his name kept popping out of my mouth.

I tried again. I did a Google search for what I thought was his old email address. Nothing came up. Finally, feeling defeated, I decided to give it a rest.

And then…

…last week a peculiar thing happened.

I got notification that someone had liked my photography page–not the boudoir one, which has almost 5,000 likes, but the fine art page, which hasn’t been especially active yet because I haven’t been sharing so much of my artwork there.

I clicked in to see who’d liked it. And there he was. My old boss!!

I immediately sent him a message saying WTH?! I let him know how even if unknowingly, he’d been torturing me these past few weeks and popping into my head repeatedly.

He laughed and shared that while cleaning up old papers, he had come across an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper…and become intrigued to see the only thing written on it was…”Susan Eckert.” So he searched for me on Facebook, found my page, and here we are today.

Geez! I swear the universe speaks — to us and through us.

Now while I’m still so curious to find out exactly why the universe felt compelled to bring us back together, you can be sure I’m going to figure that out!!

I’ve written before about how powerful our thoughts are. I’ve seen positive thoughts transform shy quiet types into knockout vixens. And I’ve seen self-defeating thoughts render supermodel-type beauties as average and uninteresting in their images. So much of how we come across, and what we achieve is purely based on how we think about ourselves and the opportunities before us.

Maybe if we visualized thoughts actually sculpting our realities, we’d find a way to take charge, reclaim our power to create our lives, and move forward in living the life we only dare to dream about for now.

Just wanted to share.:)

Have a beautiful day and I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather!


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