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Boudoir Photography: NOT my Hobby

Quality vs Price

It’s tough being a boudoir photographer sometimes. People not familiar with what it takes to run photography business expect everything for close to nothing. And I understand why–there are plenty of moonlighters willing to give everything away for free.

Granted we’re talking apples and oranges in terms of the quality of what you get with a moonlighter versus a dedicated professional. Never has the phrase “You get what you pay for” ever rung so true.

But for some consumers, it all comes down to price. And that’s fine for them. But I’ve been at this long enough to know that my clients aren’t necessarily the budget-seekers. It’s the quality seekers.


Presentation is a Big Part of the Work

Another common question I get is “Can I just have all the images on the disc so I can make my own book?”

The answer is “Sure, you can purchase your files.” But you can be sure the full res files don’t go for cheap. Think about it. Why would I hand over the images I’ve worked so hard to create for a couple bucks just so that someone can go elsewhere and spend money on making a non-professional book that probably isn’t going to showcase my work in the best way anyway? Doesn’t make sense. Not in any way. Not for a professional boudoir photographer.


Pros Charge, but We Also Invest in Our Businesses

I’ve even been asked if there’s a fee for my services, which really tells me how this field can be perceived “out there.”

But Wowwwww.

I’ve invested tens upon tens of thousands of dollars in camera and studio equipment, in my education, ongoing learning, and in the many, many expenses required to run a solid, licensed, fully insured, legitimate business year after year.

I’ve been at this game a while and I take pride in my work. I give my all to my clients. And I spend about 75 hours a week (if not more) working each week so that I can split myself between shoots, editing, ordering and feeble attempts at maintaining an online presence. This work is not easy!

But I’m also aware that each hour I spend working is an hour spent away from my three children and my husband. That’s time I’ll never get back. But because I have such a passion for what I do…such a passion for my work, it’s worth it to me.

So no. Boudoir photography is not my hobby.




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