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Change is GOOD!

Whew!!! I feel like I’ve been standing smack dab in front of a firehose for a month.

But, it’s been so much fun.

To be honest, this summer has been the most intense summer yet in my 7-year boudoir photography journey.

Some of it is hush hush…can’t talk about it…yet.

But some of it I am happy to share — like not only having had an image I submitted to Ripe Art Gallery for their Rights of Summer show accepted despite hundreds upon hundreds of entries, but also finding out that I won Best in Show for my portrait.

Mostly, I’ve been so busy with client sessions this summer–every woman is so individual, so unique, so wonderful in her own way. We all have our journeys and I’m honored each and every time someone chooses to trust me to guide her in an exploration and expression of who she is today.

It’s rewarding. Each and every time.

AND then there’s the boudoir studio move. It’s a huge decision to totally pick up and relocate to a new space! I put so much work into the space I’ve operated out of for the past 3 years. BUT I felt something was lacking. I was getting tired. Uninspired. I wanted to move forward, not feel stagnant. A new space, I figured, would help me feel refreshed.

Boy was I right!!!! Today I shot my second boudoir session in my new space. The first session was on Sunday. And whereas Sunday was sunny and bright, today was gloomy and grey. Still, the space has a glow. The natural light I’d been missing these past 6 years or so was there. Always changing. It evolves as the day progresses. And yet I love every hue, every shade, every color inflection it casts into my open, clean space.

And as I spend more time in this new space, I am beginning to see so many possibilities. What I initially thought were shortcomings about the space, I now see as opportunities for creative explorations. My excitement couldn’t be greater.

LIBoudoirPhotography Studio Long IslandNew LIBoudoirPhotography Studio

You see, change is GOOD!!

It’s scary for sure. I’ve spent many a sleepless night these past couple of months in anticipation of the transition. In fact, I still have a long way to go with culling and selling off old stuff I no longer want. (I plan to have an indoor tag sale in a couple of weeks.) But it’s all good!

I am feeling reborn. Renewed. Re-invigorated. And oh so happy.

Like a hermit crab that seeks a new home in a new shell once it’s outgrown it’s old one, I outgrew my old but found a brand new and comfy home.

The two clients I’ve shot here up til now both walked in and said “WOW!”

A prospective client I sat with today said with eyes wide and round, “Oh gosh – this is beautiful! The light…”

Yes, the light is amazing. I feel like it washes over me, over the space, and over the women I invite into it with a healing, restorative glow. I’m so glad to call this my new home.

I’ll be hosting an opening party and gallery exhibit in this space soon! Stay tuned for date and time. And follow me on FB to find out first when it will be.

And if you want in on the list early, send me a note.

I hope your summer has been great so far. Enjoy what’s left of it and be well!

May the rest of 2015 bring you exciting new starts, invigorating new beginnings, and soul-refreshing experiences with change.

With love,


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