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Happy Valentine’s Day from Long Island Boudoir Photography!

I am so happy! It feels like Christmas eve over here at the LIBoudoirPhotography studio. Although it’s been ridiculously and insanely hectic since last fall–even more than usual because Christmas and Valentine’s Day are too close together–all gorgeous VDay gift albums have either been received or are on they way to my awesome clients! YAY!

And the glowing feedback coming  into my inbox each day just makes me smile. 😀

I wanted to share one client’s feedback in particular because she points out several aspects of my process–HOW I work. The specificity of her feedback validates for me that although my process may be different from the norm; may be a bit more labor intensive since it’s highly personalized; and may require more from both me and my client; it’s certainly the right way to go about boudoir especially when there is a really good fit between my client and me.


Her Feedback

Hi Susan,

Wow! The album came out so beautiful! I got it today and couldn’t wait to show him. He LOVED it! When I mentioned there were [over 100] proofs that I had to go over he wanted me to get them! Didn’t I narrow it down to like 100? You showed me a proof box option. He can’t stop talking about the book and said it was by far the best gift he ever got! Now he wants another book!
Thank you so very much! The entire experience was amazing! I loved the entire process–finding images, selecting outfits, the hair and make up and finally the photo shoot! “Pop your booty, suck in your gut, hip out” will forever be in my mind! You are so talented, so much fun and a true artist! I am so happy to have found you.
That was so much fun!
Thank you again,


Having that ideal fit between photographer and client makes all the difference…

…which means assessing that fit is critical from the very first stages of an inquiry.

So, when I get a cryptic email saying “send pricing” or asking “how much does everything cost?” my response is, “Let’s get on the phone.

Some prospects may not realize this, but determining fit is a two-way street–you, the prospect, are looking for the right photographer; and I, the photographer, am looking for the right client who will be a fit for my business-my personality and the way I work. In the absence of this fit, there exists instead the risk of stress and struggle. Not why I do what I do.

I want to share with each prospect, from the get-go, how I work. I want to learn about who she is. And then figure out if and how we might work together to create something she will value and appreciate for a long time to come.

We’d never figure that out if I simply shot off a menu that tells you nothing about me or the way I work.


Creating a mutually beneficial experience makes my job so rewarding

It fulfills my mission: To illuminate the power of the feminine(R).

At the same time it provides my clients with meaningful imagery, not just pretty glamour pics.


So, meet Jen…

When I first met Jen, she seemed so quiet and reserved. She was petite and soft-spoken, with an adorable bob haircut that made me long for my old standard ‘do. And it was in my favorite hair color–RED!! 😀

Then I got her laughing. Jen’s laugh fills a room – every corner of it! When I heard her laugh I knew were going to have a blast! And sure enough we did.

From the beginning, her inspiration images were, well, inspiring!

I have to say there are about 10 – 20 images that I tend to see over and over and over again whenever I ask for inspiration images that speak to my client’s style. But right off the bat I loved that Jen hadn’t sent me the usual, usual. Some of her inspiration images were classic, others artsy, some edgy. These were all aspects of her personality andI looked forward to playing with all of these moods!

We started here…

Long Island Boudoir Photography Set 1--Mosquito Net and Window Light

Long Island Boudoir Photography Set 1–Mosquito Net and Window Light

Experimented with this…

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 2 - French chairs draped with tulle and lacy set

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 2 – French chairs draped with tulle and lacy set

Got artsy with this…

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 3 - Blank Wall with Hard Lights

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 3 – Blank Wall with Hard Lights

And then ended up here…

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 4 - Old World Backdrop, chandelier, and really cool jacket over strappy outfit

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 4 – Old World Backdrop, chandelier, and really cool jacket over strappy outfit

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 4 - Old World Backdrop, chandelier, and really cool jacket over strappy outfit

LIBoudoirPhotography Set 4 – Old World Backdrop, chandelier, and really cool jacket over strappy outfit

The best part? Jen opened up more and more throughout the process. Despite feeling vulnerable and shy at first, she overcame this and truly let go. She revealed to the camera who she is–#bodyandsoulboudoir–and in the end, partnered with me to create images that her hubby absolutely treasures. In the meantime, I got to meet and work with someone who I truly treasure.


Thank you for reading this blog post. If you’d like to connect, join our community on Facebook. If you’d like to chat about a shoot in 2016, please pick up the phone, give me a ring, and say hello!

Happy Valentine


Susan Eckert owns and operates Long Island’s Leading Boudoir Photography Studio
and is author of Body & Soul, a meaningful approach to boudoir photography which is now available on Amazon.com and as a boudoir photography resource on Barnes & Noble

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